Space Coast Flies

Sipper Fly

Color: Comet Candy

This pattern was created with a sipping mullet or injured baitfish in mind. A full profile surface / subsurface pattern intended to retrieve slow with short strip movement allowing the fly to push a small wake. Tied with all high movement fibers giving the fly wiggle on retrieve . This fly has many species under its belt including striped bass, redfish, tarpon, snook, tiger fish and golden dorado.  Throw it and let us know what you catch! 

Price is for a single fly

Gamakatsu SL12s size 1/0 BIG, size #2 LITTLE 

Approx length 4.5” BIG , 3.5” LITTLE 

Want to tie this pattern yourself? 


SCF Aqua Fur

Crystal Flash

EP Craft Fur Brush 

EP Minnow Head Brush

6mm, 5mm Pearl eyes

6mm EVA Foam

2mm EVA Foam 

Danville 210 Flat Waxed Thread

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