Blue Line Co.

Dinghy Crab


This fly was initially developed for a permit trip to the Caribbean but we didn’t think enough of you would buy it as a permit fly. So Adam bogarted the Dinghy Crab all to himself and a few choice guides down south. Fast forward a few years, the BLC crew was down chasing redfish and needed a crab pattern, well, lo and behold the Dinghy Crab was in the salt box. Ever since that day this fly has been the favorite of a few choice guides in Lousiana, Texas, and all over Florida as a killer Crab Pattern and Adam’s secret crab is out.

Tied on a ultra sharp saltwater rated hook, these crabs have caught Bull Reds, Tarpon, and big Permit. It’ll handle what you’re doing with it. Thanks to a weighted keel it rides hook point up every cast.

The 2 sizes are weighted differently. The size 1 is lighter and the size 1/0 is a touch heavier. If you're permit fishing, or fishing deeper water, we recommend the 1/0. If you're fishing shallower water and the spookiest fish, we recommend the 1.


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