Flats Craft

Flats Craft Cray Claws - Natural


5 per pack

Natural Color

Small, Medium and Large

Cray Craws, these claws are designed to be a caricature of both Saltwater Crays, and Freshwater yabbies or Crawdads. The beauty in this design is not only in the way they look, but more so in the way they swim. The Cray Craws ( like the rest of out range) have thickened and thin sections that allow the material to move where it's meant to. This means a set of claws that will articulate up and down as the fly swims but won't cross over. The well thought out articulation sections also enhance the flies ability to ride hook point up ( or down) as the claws won't create drag that influences an undesirable hook flip. 

These realistic claws will suit both sinking flies and poppers, and in both situations, will not foul, carry extra water weight or get hard as they dry out. Add foam to the craws for a standing yabby with a little E6000 glue. 



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