Flats Craft

Flats Craft Mercules Crab Legs - Natural


5 per pack

Natural Color

The Mercules Cab is that defensive crab that you can drag along the bottom or tie to slow sink or float if you like . Tied in North / South, this fly offers the tyer a range of carapace options like the ones seen here in both stacked Deerhair, or stacked BB Fibre as examples.  Fished hard on the bottom, bounced over weed and rocks, tied to slow sink or float this design will quickly be recognised by fish as a prey item. 

The Mercules Crab fished this way, offers that classic start stop presentation style, that imitates that crab who aint taking no crap from the predatory fish as it stands its ground. The Mercules can also be used as a lightweight presentation with a floating carapace like a Sargassum Crab.

The only glue used in these pictures is for the eyes, the rest is all tied in. The weight options can vary from the full control of placement and weight Tungsten putty offers, or the tyer can chose to tie in Dumbells eyes anywhere along the shank. 

At this stage only a 45mm (absolute wides part, tip to tip of the legs) is available in 4 colours. This size suits an Ahrex SA280 1/0 perfectly.

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