Flats Craft

Flats Craft Split Crab Legs - Natural


5 per pack

Natural Color

Small, Medium and Large

These legs lend themselves to a huge variety of crab flies and concepts… From Crabs that need to be anchored on the bottom, to floating and slow sinking crab flies. The Split Crab can also be tied on any length hook, depending on the design you want to tie. Simply cut the joining strip and tie in two halves to suit your hook, or just use the trailing legs, or just use the claws. The Split Crab also suits a range of carapaces and weight options.

Due to the huge variety of options with his product, we are reluctant to offer hook size and model advice here. Just make sure, whatever combo you decide to use, that you end up making sure the legs are assembled to use the drag in the water to keep it riding right. 



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