Blue Line Co.

Poppin' Minnow


Everyone loves a poppin’ club or bar on a frisky Friday night (don’t worry introverts, we know you’re the exception), but if one wants to create a poppin’ scene for the fish on a Friday night, one needs the right fly to set the mood on the fishy dance floor. The name itself suggests such an application, so it’s obvious the Poppin’ Minnow is a requirement for topwater fly fanatics (along with the Bomber Popper). Other poppers on the market are tied with straight foam, wood, or hair with little other materials to spice it up. The Poppin’ Minnow is equipped with a few other bells and whistles, such as flash on the body, a marabou tail, and a rattle at the head of the foam – how can a club be poppin’ without a solid beat? This fly works on large panfish, bass, stripers, and redfish. A long slow strip creates a life-like swimming motion, unlike other poppers on the market; however, it fishes well with hard, quick strips creating the traditional gurgling and popping action of a popper. Don’t be that guy who shows up to the club in pajama pants and a Hello Kitty sweater covered in dog hair; be the guy who shows up in a slick new suit, Italian handcrafted shows, and a tasteful kerchief in your jacket pocket turning every head in a quarter-mile radius – be this guy, a Poppin’ Minnow guy.

Approx 3" total


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