Blue Line Co.

El Jefe


Mark Walburg in the comedy film The Other Guys once said, “I’m a peacock, Chief, you gotta let me fly!” Instead of flying like a peacock (a mostly ground-bound bird), let your fly swim in a manner that aggravates the famous peacock bass to attack in a remote South American jungle stream, or in some ditch within the Miami, Florida city limits. Enter the El Hefe, a fly as colorful and vibrant as your crazy ex who, after one too many rounds with Jose Cuervo, is bound to disrupt the entire outing to anyone in eye shot. Similar to basketball star LeBron James, this fly works in the Miami zip code, but is equally disruptive anywhere the game is played. It’s tried and true in the jungles of Columbia and Brazil, the bogs of the southeast, and in the Rocky Mountains. Hell, even hefty yellow perch are known to take a swing at the El Hefe every now and again. Among the numerous knockout smallmouth patterns at Blue Line, it’s a must-have for
the fly-bass angler’s box. Saltwater species, such as redfish and Spanish mackerel, have also found themselves on the receiving end on this fly. Be a peacock bass, and we’ll let you swim with the El Hefe.

Approx 3.5" total


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