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SS Spiral Spook - Medium #1

Color: Black

The Spiral Spook is a new “walk-the-dog” fly that cuts sharply from side to side with each strip to provide that classic, seductive action that has proven so irresistible to fish for decades, but has been notoriously difficult to replicate with a fly.

The Spiral Spook has a clean, uninterrupted, foam tapered body that is light, durable, effective, but most of all an absolute blast to fish with! 

How To Fish The Spiral Spook


There are a few tips and tricks from Chase Smith (@fishchaseflies) to keep in mind when fishing the Spiral Spook. Just like the conventional lure, it does take a little skill and timing to get the best action possible. Using high floating fly lines will help. An aggressive taper will help with casting as well since the fly is compact and has very little air drag so that it can slide side to side in the water. I prefer nylon tippet that floats, such as Maxima or any saltwater nylon tippet, instead of fluorocarbon tippet which will want to pull the fly’s head down if you stop the fly for too long. I use 10-15lb test for the small size, 15-20lb test for the medium, and 20lb or heavier for the large size.

To get the best action form the fly, keep your rod tip all the way down into the water’s surface to prevent the fly line that hangs out of the rod tip from swaying side to side and stealing action from the fly. There is no need to use the rod itself to impart any action to the fly: instead, use extremely short, and very sharp strips to get the fly moving side to side. It takes no more than a wrist flick to move enough fly line to get the right action. Sometimes two sharp strips in quick succession can help the fly start its movement, but typically short sharp strips in an even cadence will get the fly dancing side-to-side. Pauses and changes in tempo can help entice picky fish as well.

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